Frischli Chef’s Cream 20% 1kg

Our varied range of cream offers you the perfect support in preparing delicious meals: effortless and quick product applications are a must-have in every professional kitchen.

Full flavour!
The bestseller with reference to the fat content in our Chef’s Cream range.
This cream is perfect for the preparation of creamy soups and sauces and adds them uniquely creamy touch.

Our Chef’s Creams have increased cooking and binding properties as well as a low fat content level. Furthermore they are heat and acid resistant what means that the products can be used at boiling temperatures, wouldn‘t break in dishes containing alcohol or vinegar and that preparations remain stable, even if a dish is kept warm for a longer time.


Choose cream with different fat content for all your ideas

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Additional information

Product form

squirty cream

Weight per piece

1 kg

Number of items (pcs.)


Cartons per pallet (pcs.)


Shelf Life (days)

180 days at +2°C / +25°C

EAN code4045500011855