Fruit yogurt Exotic, 3.5% fat, 250 g

Our popular fruit yoghurt is made from Bavarian milk containing 3.5% fat in the milk portion plus fresh fruit, and it is free of gelatine or preservatives.

Flavor mix:

🔸Pineapple-Coconut – a combination of tangy-sweet pineapple and delicate coconut creates an intriguing contrast for lovers of original flavors.
🔸Apricot – experience the taste of a sweet, juicy fruit.
🔸Mango-Lychee – the combination of tempting mango and light, extravagant lychee is worth a royal dessert. It will delight, invigorate, and uplift your mood.
🔸Lemon – the blend of delicate taste and intense lemon aroma makes the yogurt incredibly appetizing.
Try a variety of yoghurts to suit all tastes – from versions with exotic fruits to those we are used to – to discover new sensations and taste experiments.

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Additional information

Product form


Weight per piece

250 g

Number of items (pcs.)

mix of 4 flavours * 5 pcs = 20 pcs

Cartons per pallet (pcs.)


Shelf Life (days)

75 days at +2°C / +8°C


Apricot, Lemon, Mango-Lychee, Pineapple-Coconut



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