Hunting sausage 100g

The only Polish Hunting sausage in the form of convenient cuts. Unique taste, expertly combined with the highest quality pork and perfectly balanced spices.
Its reddish-brown colour and thin layer of fat add to its visual appeal, making every bite tasty and appetising. It is ideal for serving on a festive table as an independent snack, for making sandwiches, and as an addition to cheese platters. Hunting sausage always tastes great, giving each piece an unforgettable aroma and flavour.
No added phosphates, colourings or monosodium glutamate.

Try other types of meat slices and enjoy a variety of flavours that will brighten up any meal.

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Product form


Weight per piece

100 g

Number of items (pcs.)


Cartons per pallet (pcs.)


Shelf Life (days)

40 days at +2°C / +6°C

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