Ultra-pasteurized long-life milk, 3.5% fat, 1 l

High-quality natural milk. The Tetra Pak packaging reliably protects the product from the influence of the external environment, extending the milk’s shelf life up to 120 days. The extended shelf life of milk is ensured by a special ultra-pasteurization technology. In this process, the superior farm-fresh milk is rapidly heated to a temperature of 135°C for several seconds, then quickly cooled and poured into an aseptic package under sterile conditions without contact with the external environment. This effectively destroys harmful bacteria in the product while preserving the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients. Perfect for achieving a velvety foam for your coffee or any other beverage.

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Pack size

1 l

Number of items (pcs.)


Cartons per pallet (pcs.)


Shelf Life (days)

120 days at room temperature

EAN code4036500001618