Cheese Prestige Camembert 50% 125g

Creamy soft long shelf life Camembert made from fresh alpine milk retains its strength for a long time if not eaten immediately. However, the cheese is so delicious that it “disappears” in a very short time ;0)
Thanks to a special pasteurisation process that guarantees a long shelf life even without refrigeration, this product meets all international standards. The particularly slow, regularly controlled maturation process ensures the unique flavour of the Camembert.
No added flavour enhancers, preservatives or colours.
GMO free.
Choose cheese for pizza, salads, hot dishes or just to enjoy a slice – find the best option for you

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Product form


Weight per piece

125 g

Number of items (pcs.)


Cartons per pallet (pcs.)


Shelf Life (days)

360 days at 0°C / +8°C

EAN code4003751019235