Chocolate cream paste Mix Fix crunchy with cocoa KRUGER 350g

Cocoa spread Mix Fix with cocoa granules is an extravagant combination of soft chocolate paste texture with intense cocoa flavour and aroma, accentuated by fragile granules.

The intense chocolate flavour of the paste gives a pleasant sweetness, which is complemented by the delicate bitterness of cocoa, creating an amazing balance of flavours.

Melt this paste on warm bread for a real chocolate delight for breakfast or a snack. Or use it as the perfect topping for pancakes, waffles or ice cream to add even more chocolate flavour to your favourite dishes.

Cocoa contains many antioxidants that can help fight stress. The taste of chocolate will cheer you up and invigorate you at any time of the day. Chocolate paste will give you energy, which is especially useful when you feel tired.

Chocolate paste with cocoa granules is a delicious, exquisite dessert that not only tastes luxurious, but also has beneficial properties for your body.

It is also available in other flavours.

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